We supports parents with mental and developmental disorders (e.g. depression and schizophrenia) and their children.
Established in 2012 (NPO 2015) by psychiatrist Yoko Kitano and nurse  Chiaki Hosoo.
Chiaki is an artist who provides content for picture books and tool sharing such challenges.
Through picture books and website “Kodomo Jyouhou Station”, we provise information about such children’s feelings and actual care method — to adults around them.

Introduction of our picture books

We provide picture books for children who need to be cared and for their parents who have mental disorders with difficulty to raise their children. Our mission is to help and support those children and parents by conveying useful information through our picture books.Our team consists of nurse Chiaki who writes a story and draws an illustration, psychiatrist Yoko Kitano who writes an explanation as a professional.

1 -depression
2,3 -schizophrenia
4 -alcoholism
published by Yumani Shobo