Released an English page. 英語の団体紹介ページを公開 

August 2018
NPO pulusualuha

We have released an English page which is created with Ms. Lisa Hosokawa, Third Space Tokyo. Lisa and PULUSU deeply shared vision and value through a production process. Hope you can visit the page and find our thoughts and tools.


From picture books to posters to an informational website, PULUSU is a content-rich organization. Both Representative Director Yoko Kitano and I knew that we could not simply say “Let’s put it all in English.” We had to take a design approach and think strategically about creating one initial tool that could increase the organization’s potential for collaboration with non-Japanese supporters. We decided on an English webpage that would share the essence of PULUSU’s mission, approach, and achievements. The result is a true co-creation, and I hope that all who read it will want to learn more about this unique and valuable organization.
Lisa Hosokawa

》English page (What is PULUSU?)

Third Space Tokyoの細川リサさんと共に作成しました。
既存の団体ページの英訳ではなく、ぷるすあるはのコンテンツ、想いを共有し、一から作り上げたページです。完成したページをぜひご覧いただけたらと思います。2018年8月 NPO法人ぷるすあるは